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An experienced team with the support of a highly qualified Manager manages Voicecom.

Growing quickly in its field of activities, Voicecom earned a big part in the national and international market.

Our experienced and qualified team are managing more than 2 Million telephone communications per month keeping always and efficiently all our customers’ needs.

Why choosing Voice com as a contact center service provider?

More than 10 years acting in this field activity, Voicecom gained a huge experience in several domain such as contact center for inbound and outbound calls, Desk and field Research, Field surveys, PAPI, CAPI, CATI, Online, Database development, Data Analysis, Big Data, Sample & Recruiting, Questionnaires, Mail and Others.

Dealing with more than 30 countries covering MENA region and Europe, offering a complete and successful service based on our customer satisfaction.

We put at your disposal a technical infrastructure with the leading technology to satisfy all your need in this business field All of this with a price simple and suitable for all companies wishing to optimize their costs. In Brief, as a service provider,

we promise to respect quantitative and qualitative commitments and the ROI of our customers with the best price.


Years of experience

Poles of Expertise

Experienced Collaborators

Spoken Languages and dialects


Save on money, time and infrastructure. Give your business the competitive edge. Your competitors are choosing Voicecom & why aren’t you?

  1. We understand your needs and apprehensions.
  2. Excellent communication skills, both in written and spoken English
  3. Deep domain knowledge in diverse fields
  4. Strict adherence to quality standards and turnaround times
  5. Excellence in executing short- and long-term projects to your specific requirements
  6. Excellence in executing short- and long-term projects to your specific requirements


Your strategic partner for your customer relationship projects, surveys and polls , media & market research and IT development .


We offer a complete and successful service based only on our customer satisfaction

Our Values

Our values consist in developing a winning spirit with our teams, we are redefining our daily challenges in order to achieve the objectives that we are committed towards our customers.

By focusing on the quality of our teams, we record a lower Turn Over on our resources. Alongside the command of the language, all our staff are carefully selected and trained.



We are committed to providing high-quality services and products. We meet the mutually agreed-to requirements the first time and strive for continuous improvement of our work processes.


We work constructively together as one team, looking to build effective relationships, That’s why we encourage and motivate others to contribute, actively seeking their feedback, and always put the team before the individual, recognising that we rely on each other to succeed.


We are dedicated to satisfying our customers. We believe in respecting our customers, listening to their requests and understanding their expectations. We strive to exceed their expectations in affordability, quality and on-time delivery.


Responsibility has always been at the heart of Voicecom. Our teams assume the associated responsibilities. During each quality operation, your Voicecom contact takes full measure of his or her actions and is rewarded by the satisfaction shown in return.


We uphold our reputation for integrity in the marketplace and provide an ethical work environment for all of our employees. We will do the right thing each time we face a tough decision.


We treat people fairly and value the world we live. We are open, honest and fair in the way we conduct our team, We treat everyone the same, always seeking to listen and understand the views of others, We take positive actions to protect and value the environment we live in.

We respect our Values

We respect our customer

We respect our Collaborator

Our mission

Our mission is what we are doing every day for the past 10 years;

To help our partners optimizing and managing their own clients’ relationship in order to implement an efficient development strategy.

Voicecom & Partners

Growing up together

Our Vision
Voicecom desires are to stretch and to achieve what seems beyond its grasp. We aim for the maximum and we have the ardor to do our best to be the best. This is our devotion for challenges.

Take aim and shoot right on your target

Our vision is to be Known as :

The reference brand

The reference employer

The reference partner

The reference of satisfaction


We want you to be in our team

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Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.
Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.
Macbook Pro
* Intel Core i7 (3.8GHz, 6MB cache)
* Retina Display (2880 x 1880 px)
* NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (Iris)
* 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
* Thunderbolt 2 (up to 20Gb/s)
* Faster All-Flash Storage (X1)
* Long Lasting Battery (9 hours)
Increase more than 500% of Email Subscribers!
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(Computer Aided Telephone Interviews)
Research with the use of the method of CATI allows us to implement projects on large samples all around Poland in a short time (300 positions) with costs reduced at the same time. We carry out b2b and b2c research as well as opinion polls. Thanks to professional software, we ensure efficient carrying out of interviews as well as full control and monitoring of the research process by experienced supervisors.
PAPI (paper questionnaire)
a direct method of data collection with a direct interview with a respondent based on the use of a questionnaire on paper. Such interviews are most frequently conducted in respondents’ homes or offices and less frequently in the street. The data collected in this way is then coded and entered by researchers into the database.
CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interview)
computer-assisted research carried out in responents’ homes with the use of our fleet of 50 laptops located in all provinces. CAPI research helps control the interview better and gives a possibility of applying complex filters and audio-visual elements in the questionnaire. Data flow is faster and safer – results are coded during the interview and field data is sent through a secured connection.
Desk and field research
Database development
Data analysis
Big Data
Sample and recruiting
Polls & Surveys department is here to service your structure ; they mobilize to the implementation of your investigations.
  • The design of the study plan,
  • The Questionnaire design,
  • The provision of a qualified database,
  • The definition of representative samples (CSP, geographical areas, others),
  • The definition of the size of the quotas,
  • Collecting information and data retrieval.
  • Analysis of synthesis results and customized reports.
To conduct your surveys and polls in good condition, Voice Com has a CRM which is specialized in CATI studies and quota management (simple or crossed quotas). We take care to ensure the administration of telephone questionnaires. Over and above a specific software CATI on study materials, our telephone-interviewers are trained and sensitized, with regard to their roles and their goals to meet branding prescribers, as well as rules related to this activity, such as neutrality, verbatim wealth ; the deadlines compliance for the return of final data.
Telesales pole of Voice Com group provides its customers with knowledge to boost their sales by diversifying sales channels. Representing a real strike force, Voicecom ‘s Telesales pole allows you to:
  • Boost your volume of business.
  • Receive free mobility of your sales force.
  • Diversify your sales channels.
  • Win new customers.
Telesales today has a significant interest by professionals given that the cost of distance selling is much cheaper than the act of direct and outside sales. Added to that, a contract signed by a telemarketer costs considerably less than that achieved by a traveling salesman. For these reasons, Telesales become sustainably taking place in commercial strategies since the companies quickly understood the advantages and benefits they could draw from it. A real opportunity for companies who therefore develop their business and sales while controlling their costs.
The pole of Appointment Setting of Voice Com Group provide its clients knowledge to carry an appointment campaigns on B2B and B2C. We offer our customers an accompaniment to define the target, the criteria and quantitative objectives and profitability ratios to ensure the success of their campaigns.
  • Outsource your Appointment Setting
  • Refocus your sales force on their true value,
  • Increase opportunities for you and / or your business field
  • Save additional costs of recruiting and phone bill.
  • Information campaign,
  • Taking orders,
  • Product launches,
  • Genial recovery
  • Managing a business back-office (online processing and / or email).
Our information system is designed to manage campaigns of incoming calls; our IT architecture also allows the integration of work tools or truthful application software to our customers. All services provided to our clients are measurable and monitored through the implementation of comprehensive and customized reporting as well as a direct and secure access to our servers.
Having an efficient and prompt inbound customer care or customer support is as important as having a great product or service. In absence, you risk losing out on your valuable customers to your competitors. If lately you have been unable to meet the grueling demands of customer support in-house, why not consider outsourcing inbound customer support to Voicecom Group? We are a well-established and reputed outsourcing company, which has handled inbound customer service operations of several global organizations, across a wide range of domains over the years. Our high-tech infrastructure, presence of skilled call center professionals and usage of latest telecommunication software helps us provide prompt and efficient call center support and phone answering services 24x7 that are tailor-made for your customers.. We have expertise in a wide range of inbound call center services, such as:
  • Charge back handling services
  • Consumer Response
  • Customer Services
  • Dealer Locaters and Referral Services
  • Direct Mail /TV Response
  • Directory inquiry services
  • Help Desk Solutions
  • Inbound Sales
  • Insurance claims processing services
  • Online customer support services
  • Order entry services
  • Product recall management & Technical Information
  • Rebate processing services
  • Registration of event participants & prospects
  • Subscription services
  • Technical Support
  • Ticketing sales subscription services
  • Toll Free Response / Toll Free Services
  • Warranty registration services
  • Your information is intended for Voicecom Group only and will not be released to anyone without your consent.
Request for quotation
Informations Request
Notre pôle Enquêtes et sondages se met au service de votre structure et se mobilise pour la mise en œuvre de vos enquêtes. Qu’elles soient périodiques ou ponctuelles, vos enquêtes et sondages vous fourniront des éléments fiables et pertinents pour améliorer votre offre et orienter votre stratégie. Notre accompagnement comprend:
  • La conception du plan d'étude,
  • La conception du questionnaire,
  • La mise à disposition d'une base de données qualifiée,
  • La définition des échantillons représentatifs (csp, zones géographiques…),
  • La définition de la taille des quotas,
  • La collecte d'informations et restitution des données.
  • L’analyse de résultats, synthèses et rapports personnalisés.
Afin de mener vos enquêtes et sondages dans de bonnes conditions, Voicecom s’est dotée d’un CRM spécialisé en études CATI et gestion des quotas (quotas simples ou croisés). Nous nous chargeons d’assurer l’administration de questionnaires téléphoniques. En plus d’un logiciel spécifique en matière d’études CATI, nos télé-enquêteurs sont formés pour respecter l’image de marque des prescripteurs ainsi qu’aux règles de base liées à cette activité, telles que la neutralité, la richesse des verbatim, le respect des délais de restitution des données finales.
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Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.
Le pôle Télévente du groupe Voicecom met à la disposition de ses clients son savoir faire pour booster leur chiffre d’affaire en diversifiant leurs canaux de vente.

Représentant une véritable force de frappe, le pôle Télévente de Voicecom vous permet de :
  • Booster votre volume d’affaire
  • Bénéficier d’une mobilité gratuite de votre force de vente
  • Diversifier vos canaux de ventes
  • Conquérir de nouveaux clients
La Télévente présente aujourd’hui un intérêt non négligeable pour les professionnels de part le coût de la vente à distance beaucoup moins cher que l’acte de vente direct. Un contrat signé par un télévendeur coûte considérablement moins cher que celui réalisé par un vendeur itinérant. C’est pour cela que la télévente s'implante durablement dans les « mœurs » des entreprises qui ont vite compris les avantages qu'elles pouvaient tirer d'un tel apport de chiffre d'affaires. Une vraie opportunité pour les sociétés qui développent ainsi leurs ventes tout en maîtrisant leurs coûts.
Le pôle Prise de Rendez du groupe Voicecom met à la disposition de ses clients son savoir faire pour mener des campagnes en B2B et B2C. Nous proposons à nos clients un accompagnement pour définir la cible, les objectifs quantitatifs et les ratios de rentabilité afin d’assurer la réussite de leurs campagnes.
    Externaliser votre prise de rendez-vous vous permet de :
  • Recentrer vos forces de vente sur leur vraie valeur ajoutée,
  • Multiplier les opportunités pour vous et/ou vos commerciaux terrain,
  • Économiser des coûts supplémentaires de recrutement et de factures téléphoniques.
  • Effectuer des campagnes informatives,
  • Faire des prises de commandes,
  • Lancer des produits,
  • Effectuer des recouvrements amiables,
  • Gérer une activité back-office (traitement en ligne et/ou par mail).
Notre système d’information est conçu pour la gestion de campagnes d’appels entrants, notre architecture informatique permet également d’intégrer des outils de travail ou logiciels applicatifs propres à nos clients. L'ensemble des prestations fournies à nos clients est mesurable et suivi à travers la réalisation de reporting complets et personnalisés, ainsi qu’un accès direct et sécurisé à nos serveurs.
Voicecom offre la possibilité d'externaliser une large palette d'activités ou de fonctions marketing en appels entrants, afin d'instaurer un contact personnalisé et propice avec vos clients et/ou prospects.
    Nous assurons en intégral et/ou en débordement :
  • L’assistance technique,
  • Le télé-secrétariat personnalisé,
  • La gestion d'agendas d'équipes commerciales terrain,
  • Le service après-vente et réclamation,
  • Le service commercial,
Voicecom intervient actuellement sur des campagnes de prise de rendez-vous dans des domaines tels que : l’assurance et autres métiers para financiers, le confort de l’habitat, les énergies renouvelables, les concessions automobiles... Après avoir défini le contexte, les objectifs quantitatifs et les critères précis de prise de rendez-vous, nous préparons les bases de données de contacts à appeler et remplissons les plannings de vos commerciaux.