Database qualification

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Database/File qualification is a means of updating files to make them reliable and complete. This mission is intended to optimize and ensure your commercial actions. It consists of certain essential practices to ensure the accuracy of the information inserted. This action must be recurrent and controlled.

Database qualification?

qualification de fichiersThe qualification of files makes it possible to check if the information collected on a specific study are updated or not. This operation is therefore the verification and validation of existing data.
The qualification of files in outgoing calls is therefore to update the information that appears to be incorrect in your database. The qualification of files is also intended to complete the missing information.
This file qualification enables you to develop and customize your customer database to best fit all your business and marketing operations and maximize your business productivity.

Information sought

During a file qualification study, one can work on several pieces of information that can be collected in order to complete the database and update the information. You can work on the phone number, the business name of a company, the complete mailing address, the name and / or the first name of an individual. But also the direct line, the number of the mobile, the e-mail address and many other coordinates like the social networks accounts can be useful, even essential.

Why make database qualification?

Qualifying files in your database can have several purposes. It aims to optimize in terms of time and costs your commercial actions. Indeed, the use of a qualified file allows you to increase the rate of contact and avoid actions without return. This implies the effectiveness of the established contact. Without forgetting that the qualification of files, in outgoing calls, is an occasion of presentation of your company.

Entrust Voicecom Group, expert in customer relationship management, the qualification task of your files and our advisors will identify the right decision makers, optimize your conversion rates and boost your business productivity.