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Our means

  • Human resources
  • Technical means
  • Organizational means
Human resources

Human Capital is at the heart of Voicecom Group’s strategy: The quality of our services and services is based on the skills of our employees. Voicecom group, a customer relations center, offers a team of qualified and experienced professionals to carry out your projects and guarantee results that meet your expectations. Our human resources department guarantees the highest productivity of our employees by offering motivating and rewarding devices aimed at their development within the company.

Technical means

Voicecom Group continuously develops innovative and secure IT solutions that meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers. Made up of experts, our IT department enables us to assist and advise our clients in their customer relationship management thanks to these different technical solutions: telephony, network, development, database, analyzes … Our customer relations center operates high-performance computer equipment that facilitates the work of our employees and provides real-time control over production.

Organizational means

For a perfect management of our human and technological resources, Voicecom group, pioneer of the offshore outsourcing, adopts an organizational and managerial strategy favoring the development and the professional blooming and the continuous improvement of the processes. The main objective of our customer relations center is to appropriate a customer culture and place it at the heart of our concerns, our highly qualified managers have the ability to offer cost-effective and efficient solutions tailored to the specific needs of everyone of our customers.

Why Voicecom ?

Customer 360 ° vision

We offer each of your customers an adapted service whatever the communication channel used.

Economical and efficient solutions

Whatever your sector of activity, we guarantee you personalized and innovative solutions to meet the different profiles of your customers at well-studied and optimized costs.

Flexibility in your telemarketing campaigns

Our qualified and experienced teams work 24h / 7d to handle your needs even during lunch breaks, holidays, leave or absence of personnel, peak hours, evening calls, weekends …